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Live Receptionist

Live Receptionist is a premium answering service to help businesses manage their growing workload without the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist.


Auto Attendant

Streamline your calls to your people or departments. Sound professional and efficient in handling your calls.


Appointment Confirmations

Perfect for dentists, doctors, hair salons, any business that schedules appointments with clients.


Tech support

Custom tech support for your requirements. Small or large we can implement for your needs.


Appointment Scheduling

Have your appointments booked by your customers on your calendar.


Order Processing

Agents can process your orders, or we can build chat or SMS bots for an automated solution.


Voicemail Boxes

Voicemails get transcribed to your email, where you can read or listen to it.


800 Numbers

Toll Free numbers. National credibility with toll free numbers.

About Ourselves

about us

The company's founders started by meeting customers' demands and offering the greatest services by utilizing computer technology.

By developing solid solutions that may meet all requirements for communication integration, we have succeeded in achieving our objectives.

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About Ourselves

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What Makes Us
Different Form Other?

By creating highly individualized, cost-effective solutions, Call Care Solutions fulfills this purpose.

With software designed to address upcoming issues, Telephony Automation effectively satisfies the present requirements for your office needs of clients! Our telephone integration establishes a solid platform on which solutions for today's evolving needs can be developed and realized.

Fast And Secure Process

For secure processing, we use the latest and most secure certified protocols to meet your needs.

Quick Question Answers

Reach out to us via our website or send us a text message, we promise to handle and answer your telecom needs.

Streamlining your communication methods to solve your problems

We provide service that streamline your phone call routing, messages, support, social media.