Automated Answering Services Prices

Our Automated Answering Services Prices

VoiceMail Box                                                                           $6.95

  • Includes local number, text, and voice message delivery. Incl. 250 min. per mo. $.05 additional.

IVR Auto Attendant                                                                $14.95

  • Includes local number, 5 users, directs calls to your associates or departments. Incl. 250 min. per mo. $.05 additional. 

Chat Bot Appointment scheduler                                      $34.95

  • Includes local number, can sync to your calendar, customer can schedule them self's. Incl. 250 mess. per mo. $.05 additional.

Chat Bot with Live agent option                                         $39.95

  • Includes local number, can have Chat Bot on your website, Live agent answers your customers. $.50 per mess.

Appointment confirmation via SMS                                               $125.00


  • Includes up to 100 messages per day.

Bundle Package                                                                               $49.95

  • Includes local number, 5 voicemail boxes, IVR Auto Attendant, Chat Bot.